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Metal Battle Girls
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Set against a backdrop of a world with super heroes, Metal Battle Girls shows what the U.S. Government would do to manage "Meta-Human Assets" against terroristic and severe criminal threats in the early 21st century.


In 1934, when the FBI was given more powers to deal with the crime wave unleashed by the federal war on alcohol, a sister agency of federal marshals named the Federal Security Agency was created to deal with the concurrent upswing in the appearance of costumed "Mystery Men," unlicensed vigilantes that were helpful in combating the rise in organized crime, yet still a concern for local law-enforcement agencies.

The arrival (or revelation) of the Crusader, a being of unimaginable power on the scene in the Summer of 1939, only underscored the need for a federal-level law enforcement agency to vet and sometimes train an organized "Super Squad" of Meta-Human federal marshals to deal with criminal and the developing Super Criminal threats.

With the entry of the U.S. into WWII, higher powered "assets" were organized to fight on the front lines, more conventional "assets" were stationed at critical locations across the country and on the island of Hawaii and up in Alaska. It was during this time that the OSS found "assets" with more stealthy abilities (invisibility, the ability to shape-shift, etc.) the most useful to use against Nazi Germany.

The Nazis also began to gather and utilize meta-humans they encountered in their march across Europe against the Allies. They also created "Ubermensch" to use in the war effort. The deadliest of the Waffen-Ubermensch squadrons were based in Hitler's Eagles Nest secure headquarters. Unsuccessful "Ubermensch" experiments were shipped to Dachau.

After the war, politicians at home were looking forward to using "MHA's" (Meta-Human Assets) in their war against communism. The leading Post WWII assets appeared together, headed by the Crusader, to protest against their use against threats that weren't expressly considered "criminals" in the traditional sense, maintaining their governing policy of "Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law." This was considered treason my the members of Congress, who immediately eliminated the Meta-Human forces of the Federal Security Agency, stripping them of their official government sanction, effectively outlawing MHA's for domestic use indide the borders of the United States.

At the same time, the CIA, the successor to the OSS, had plenty of use for a meta-human force of agents to use against an increasing number of foreign powers and international criminal enterprises coming to the forefront of the 1950's. And the U.S. and the Soviet Union were actively engaged in a super powered arms race in their developing Cold War.

The Cold War years ended in 1989, with a bankrupt Soviet Union trying desperately to sell MHA's and MHA technology to the highest bidder. At home, a new generation of home-grown superheroes were beginning to create climate of fear reminiscent of the Prohibition years, so the FSA was once again tasked with managing MHA's for domestic use as Threat-level 3 law enforcement officers, the next level after SWAT or other highly armed response teams.

On December 22nd, 2000, a hostile invasion by an extraterrestrial race shattered planet Earth's assumptions of its place in the cosmos. It was an open secret among upper level government officials that the Crusader was a "strange being from another planet," but this fact was kept from the American people and the world at large.

Overnight, New York, Paris, London and Moscow fell to the invading force. Conventional arms were useless against the invaders, and the Moscow Tragedy showed that the nuclear option was just as ineffective. A multi-national force of MHA's made a single, decisive offensive strike against the alien mothership, destroying it and a large number of secondary landing platforms with a single blow. This heroic act also claimed nearly every active MHA in service at the time, severely crippling the U.S.'s position as a, well, super power.

The Present

"Archangel," the only remaining agent in charge of MHA's for the Federal Security Agency's Office of Unusual Tactics (OUT) has been tasked with very quickly replenishing the Agency's MHA "supply." There are rumors of Criminal MHA's still in hiding, but willing to act on the whim of the highest bidder. Long-thought defunct terrorist organizations begin to appear in the "normal Terrorist chatter" monitored by the CIA. Their own MHA-agents were lost in the Invasion, and they, too, were scooping up MHA's with sometimes questionable loyalties.

Archangel is following up a lead on two orphan sisters with the ability to manipulate computers and somehow "travel" along wired and wireless networks, planning on using them to form the core of a new MHA team...