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Metal Battle Girls
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Rachel David

was one of the premier thieves in Europe, the pre-eminent cat burglar on the Continent and United Kingdom, wanted by Scotland Yard, INTERPOL, MI-5 and the majority of the police agencies of 12 countries. Her exploits were legend, and even surpassed those of her mother, known in the 60´s as "le Chatte". The new "Cat-woman Burglar" was eventually captured by her arch nemesis, St, John Hawkes of MI-5. Custody, however, was claimed by the FSA, and so Rachel was spirited away, first to Gitmo in Cuba, then to a secure psychiatric facility at Miskatonic University, often used by the FSA for Meta Human criminals. It was at the first meeting between Archangel and Rachel David that she was offered a choice: Work as an operative for a new team of enhanced federal agents, detecting, locating then training new Meta Humans for the FSA, or be given up to St. John and British justice. And would you like to meet your sister?

Unbeknownst to Rachel, her life had been a carefully created fiction, the strings pulled by a shadowy Cadre of faceless men who manipulated her life to create another version of "le Chatte", her birth mother, who had been killed by Syrian terrorists, seeking revenge against Rachel´s father, an agent of the Israeli Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, or Mossad.

The sisters were quickly spirited away by friends and associates of her grandfather, Rachel to Christian de Souza in London, her sister to a former TV teen idol in Hollywood, USA. It seems that the david sisters had inherited their grandfather´s ability to" manipulate electrons within a logical matrix", or operate computers and sophisticated machines mentally.

So, Rachel´s new life as a Deputy Special Marshal for the Federal Security Agency began. Her abilities, along with the Mark II Battlefield Armour she wears, make her a formidable opponent. Her hobbies include capoeira, nightclubbing with Phadra and the other girls from "work" and scrapbooking with her sister "Kat".

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