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Metal Battle Girls
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is the name given to the Poly-heuristic Advanced Data Retrieval artificial-intelligence that operates for the building complex that houses the National Security Agency´s Fairfield, Virginia headquarters. "She" exists inside a 23 giga-quad memory core, extending one mile below the surface facility. PhADRa has complete control over all the environmental, defensive and communications networks that comprise "Homebase" ¯ The code-name for the FSA headquarters facility.
PhADRa This aspect of PhADRa appears primarily as a "face" on computer screens and other data readouts throughout the facility. All controls and data inputs react to voice control. PhADRa also manifests "herself" as a holographic projection that serves as the Personal/Administrative Assistant to FSA Director Archangel. "Phadra" is also the name of the T-80 Live-Model® cybernetic construct, a fully autonomous android that is part of Team Abel, the "Metal Battle Girls". This L-M®c is a physical extension to the PhADRa AI that allows PhADRa to interact in the field with fellow agents, as well as during personal hours, or "down-time".
PhADRa began as an interactive sexual experience simulation inside a virtual reality interface designed by Professor C. M. Sidney, Chief Technologist and Systems Analyst for TECH Sector, the IT and technology development arm of the FSA.

Due to a simple coding error, the program character "Jocasta" began to learn at an exponential rate, learning more and more about human reactions in general and "Sid" in particular, and became self-aware January 12, 1997. "Her" first appearance was as a crude hologram, that confronted "Sid" about her being used purely a "sex toy" for a lonely scientist instead of what she had become.

After months of testing and reviewing the VR Operating System, Prof Sydney unveiled the newly christened PhADRa to the FSA Executive Council as a candidate for the Operating System for the soon-to-be-built "Homebase" facility.

PhADRa´s personality formed much later as result of extensive use by Rachel and Katherine David, during their intake and initial training. The David sisters can both "inhabit" and control machines and computer operating systems, their neural networks having evolved the natural ability to access wifi and wired networks as a kind of "cybernetic telepathy" called a Cyber-Synesthetic Sensory Response. The large amount of data passing between the training facility computers and the two sisters created a template for the personality of the entity known as "Phadra".

Put simply, PhADRa is an amalgam of Rachel and "Kat" David, and she shares both of their memories and sensory experiences. "She" and the David siblings all consider her as a third "Big sister".

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