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Metal Battle Girls
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Katherine David

had always believed herself to be the daughter of former teen idol Cassidy David, whose TV series, The Nightingales of Florence, made him a welcome presence in American homes in the early 70´s. Like most teenage fads of that decade, he came to be forgotten when his core audience aged-out from Teen Beat bands to T. Rex or Led Zeppelin.

When the opportunity to adopt a newly orphaned baby girl came his way, he saw it as a way to make amends of the failure of his previous three marriages and individual sets of kids, a chance to be a real father. So Kat grew-up as the pampered daughter of a faded TV star, living the dream life of a Hollywood Kid, picked first to try-out for the Olympic gymnastics team, got a Hummer H2 for her 16th birthday and took the lead singer of the latest boy band to the Jr. Prom.

But the bubble burst when her father´s investments in a few Silicon Valley start-ups went south, her 20 year-old Step mother divorced her father, and then the aliens attacked Earth in giant motherships hovering over all the major cities of the world.

It is believed that at the peak of all these personal stresses and the onset of puberty resulted in the unleashing of her ability to control machine, most dramatically, crashing the Los Angeles mothership into Catalina Island because she was pissed off at her Dad.

Archangel came to visit soon after the defeat of the alien invasion, July 4, 1997. She offered her the opportunity to live a life of excitement and danger, serving her country as a Meta Human Asset for the Federal Security Agency. And did she know she had an older sister, that she was adopted?

Of the two,it was Kat who had the greater ability to control the old XR-8 Atomic-powered Robot her grandfather had built after WWII, but abandoned when he recognized the danger of the growing paranoia over Communism, and the application of his robot technology in creating some kind of New World Order.

For 50 years, an alphabet´s worth of federal agencies had tried to make the hulking automaton come to life. And Kat accomplished it with a single thought, as she first saw herself through the robot´s eyes.

copyright 2013  Michael Heminger