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I originally did this for my Mom so she could see some of the
"characters" I ran across in the over 20 years I worked in Broadcasting.

Join me now on a stumble down memory lane...


Eugene, OR

This is the gig I'm the proudest of doing in my career. It brought me
back to my roots, in Public Radio.

As Assistant Engineer, I participated in the Design, construction and installation of analog and digital
recording and broadcast equipment in the On-Air and production studios; Installation and maintenance of
digital and analog satellite receivers and AM and FM transmitters and remote control systems.

And all this was in the abandoned Wood Shop building, in the back of Sheldon High School.

This and the subsequent pictures were taken on KRVM's
50th Anniversary
on December 8th, 1997.

That's me in the middle with my two bosses, Ken Martin, Operations Manager of KZEL on the left, and Carl
, Station Manager of KRVM on the right.

This is Don "X-Ray" Ferrell, then Program
Director of KRVM in the very studio that
I did The Big Broadcast (GrooveCycles) from every Friday night.
These guys have either worked for or graduated from the
Eugene School District 4-J radio program.
(L to R) Bob Rathman, retired Station Engineer/
Manager during Don's time in the program, Don, Al
"Booger" Scott
, who was in the radio program at
Sheldon High School with Don and worked the Graveyard
shift when we were at KLCX.These days he's the cluster
Operations Manager for Cumulus Broadcasting in Eugene.
And Ken, North Eugene class of '69. Ken is the current Program Director at KRVM.
Eugene, OR

For many years, doing this show was the only time I actually enjoyed being
On the Air, even if it was at the lowest-rated station in the market.

It all came toegther completely out of left field, yet very organically.
I had started working at KRVM part-time as the Engineer's Assistant,
and they need me to pull an airshift on Fridays to help top off my hours.

It seems they'd already published a brochure that listed the different shows
they had on the air, and the person doing some show called "Groovecycles" had
dropped out, could I work on Friday night, oh, and by the way, could you play

Disco and 70's pop music? Add my buddy Greg from KDUK, and the Phenomenon known as GrooveCyles began...

The quickest explaination of the program? "That 70's Show" on the Radio, 5 years before it was on TV.
We welcomed Tommy Tutone and The Bay City Rollers to Springfield, and even did a live disco dance once.
In later years, we included 80's pop and dance music. the concept for the show was always to provide a window
back in time to the 70's and 80's.

We had specific guidelines to follow; we couldn't play 70's Classic Rock, since that was KZEL territory, and we
couldn't get too soft either, that was the provence of Magic 94, the Adult Contemporary, listen-at-work station in
Eugene. (KZEL was a listen-at-work station, too, but they tended to be more blue collar, really).

By the time we ended the show, we had expanded into the 80's in the second hour, and Greg had quit to go working
on the railroad all the live-long day...


Eugene, OR

I was first hired by Pappas Broadcasting to do Swing Shift at KNRQ.
We were the first commercial Alternative station in the Eugene market.

All the music was new, and all our Ideas were fresh. That was our dowwnfall. There was a real feeling of distrust
coming from the other side of the building, directed at us, like we were the upstart kids, playing with a ka-billion
watt radio station. Like they thought we were actually dangerous. There was a feeling of rebellion that really came
across on the air. It was best demonstrated at one of the Infamous KZEL Christmas Parties, known marketwide for a
level of decadence, drunkeness and debachery that had become a thing of legend.

Anyway, when it came time to adjourn upstairs to the dining room, the restaurant had to open up a tiny anteroom to
fit all the staff members in attendence. This room only had enough space for one longish table, and as the group
broke up into the inevitable high school-like cliques that all organizations seem to have in common, the only space
left for the New Rock folks were at this one table, separate from the rest of the Sales, Management and KZEL

We quickly became known as the "Kid's Table" and we partied as hard as I ever have in a co-worker only setting.
It was the most fun I've ever had at an inside-radio station event, EVER. It was "US" versus "THEM" all night
long, and we showed the "old timers" how to party. Hell, when the KZEL party ended, I then drove up to Coburg
to cap off the night at the KRVM Christmas Party.

AH, to be 33 again...

If they hadn't moved me to KZEL. Who's to say what would've happened. They never even thanked me for the time
I covered for the morning guy. I always assumed I made the mistake of embarrasing the PD,that I must have done
too well, since they never seemed to have a problem telling me that I sucked.

Eugene, OR

Working at KZEL was my dream back when I first moved to Eugene
in the early 80's... Too bad it took 10 years to get there. It might've been
a better time if I could've been there during their hay day. At least, that's how
all the old-tmers used to act, but oh well.

I was the All-Night DJ at the Rock'n Roll station, probably one of the last. It
ended up being mostly voice tracking, so I could do production through the night.
I had a ball learning to do digital production and being Imaging Director for the
station. I Specialized in voice direction of Talent and Client, creative copy

writing and Recording, Editing and Production for commercial agencies in Eugene. I had the best relationship
with the sales people there, it was nice to work with people who really "Got it."
This picture was taken when Cyd and Mark did the morning
show together. Cyd is pictured here as Darth Vader (From
Cyd & Mark's Photo Page at

This is my favorite picture of Mark Raney, as the Eternal
Jester, The Foole on the Tarot cards. We worked
together at KLCX in the early '90s and again later at KZEL.

He does mornings and is the PD, Cyd does afternoons now.

From my last gig in commercial radio, this was my
page on the old KZEL website. I have it saved
within the
GrooveCycles Archives.

For all the ups and downs and everything in between, KZEL was a lot of fun.
Probably the best station to end that phase of my radio career.

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