Each thumbnail image opens into a larger view of the work below.
Acorn Plate
ART 10 Kiln-Fired Plate, experiment
in texture, Ceramic paint, April 2010
Ouroboros Eel
This was kind of a happy accident...
I´d ran across this Alaskan design that
resembled an Ouroboros, the snake eating
it´s tail. I was able to use this design
as inspiration for this Trinity River Eel.
The designs on his body are a combination
of Hupa and Sioux tribal designs. Another ART-10 project.
Rodeo Program
I´ve also designed and helped produce
the program for the Annual Hoopa Rodeo
the past couple of years. I do little
projects like this all the time.
My Career in Radio
ART 43a Project 2, "Radio Memories"w/
classic microphone, images of famous DJ´s
and the logos from all the different radio
stations I worked at.
Photoshop, December 2009
Planet Rock Magazine Cover
DM 11 assignment, Design
A Magazine Cover.
Illustrator, April 2010